Starring BAFTA winner Sophie Kennedy Clarke (Philomena, Nymphomaniac) and Louise Salter (The Habit of Beauty) this quirky SCI-FI-LONDON short aims to inspire a different perspective of the refugee and what it is to be human.

How to be Human reverses the current humanitarian crisis and follows two sisters, one android, on their journey to a ‘better’ world. Set in the future, of a dystopian London, with a scarily relevant and frighteningly foreboding reality, the film explores the dire consequences of a world without humanity, as the sisters try to escape their war-torn country, traveling from London to Dover and across  the English Channel to reach Calais and beyond.

 “Imagine the current refugee crisis, reverse it, and have the British escaping their own country for survival – and now throw it into the future with sci-fi elements, meet our story: How to be Human.” – Producer, CoConcept-Creator Louise Salter
“This story to me is about two sisters who love each other despite their obvious differences. They want to stay together despite the harsh odds of survival. We wanted this film to be special in that one sister, a human, and the other, an android-human, must go on a journey in which the Al teaches her sister to lose humanity in order to survive. It is a tender story that looks at what we must give up in dire circumstance, when world situations are out of our control.” – Co-Producer, CoConcept-Creator Jeffrey Michael

Directed by Bruno Centofanti.

Written by Darren Rapier.

This film has been made possible, thanks to 213 crowdfunders, FCML and PictureFrame.TV.

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