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*FILM REVIEW* "How to be Human (directed by @brunocentofanti) dealt with the spectrum of human emotions, despite its post-apocalyptic robot science sci-fi climate. To be able to cross the border of a country in ruins, two sisters (@sophiekennedyclark , @louiseksalter) must be able to hide any trace of feeling. With its impressive special effects (@spillstudios, @territorystudio), the film presented a dense and mysterious universe that could have developed in feature film!" Thank you @horreurqc for the review! We loved having @howtobehumanfilm at @festival_spasm! 
The good news is: your prophesy of developing the film into a feature is already in motion. We look forward to keeping you updated on the process! 
#featurefilm #filmmaking #scifi #sciencefiction #festivalspasm #festival #filmfestival #robots #scifi #androids #androidography #humanity #filmdevelopment #shorttofeature #shortfilm #vfx #visualeffects Today @howtobehumanfilm's producer/actress was invited to @dolbytheatre in Soho Square to watch @haz_vfx's new film #TheBeyond - produced by Haz and powerhouse producer @paula_crickard. The film has its US distribution in place and the U.K. is soon to be announced. 
If you love human Sci-Fi stories and incredibly realistic performances under liberating direction - then you should check out #TheBeyond when it comes your way on VOD.

#featurefilm #feature #sciencefiction #scifi #usa #unitedkingdom #nasa #space #spacestation #films #haz #vfx #visualeffects @territorystudio @scifilondon Do you have any advice for any fellow directors? "Keep pushing. The process is everything so try to enjoy the challenges and grow with them. Build teams you trust and work with people whose work you like. Listening is as important as asking for what you want; filmmaking is collaborative. Storytelling is a very complex craft, it requires a life commitment - so don’t judge yourself on the journey, it will only get better with time." - Director of How to be Human, @brunocentofanti .

Check out this never-before-shared interview of Bruno Centofanti discussing his passion and process for filmmaking and also answers what it was like to be accepted into @raindance_film_festival Thank you The New Current for the cool discussion!

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#filmmaking #filmmaker #director #film #indiefilm #supportindiefilm #directors #article #interview #filminterview #behindthescenes #makingmovies #inspiring #hardworkpaysoff #commitment

Photograph by @cprestonroberts We've loved every minute! 
#Sitges50 @tommi_t @brunocentofanti @howtobehumanfilm @louiseksalter @lorenzolevrini @sitgesfestival I've heard people question the power of film. Can film influence us: consciously or subconsciously? Can film affect us in a way which encourages us to adapt our behaviour: for better or for worse? Undoubtably. 
Last night we were at a fantastic networking event hosted by Sitges for the filmmakers with films in the competition and Natalie (pictured above) ran into Louise (who plays Kimi in How to be Human) and was greeted with an immediate bubble of great energy as Natalie expressed how much she enjoyed How to be Human and, as she showed Louise her cool hair, explained how the character of Kimi (who had a pretty distinctive hairstyle within the film) had an influence on her!

I don't think there could be a more obvious example that film has the power to truly affect people and their behaviours and seeing this at face value yesterday was incredibly humbling and reassuring that if you want to change the world through film - it's possible. One cool hairstyle at a time!

Massive props to our hair and makeup designer Vale Von Der Vehl and Femi Conteh for their imaginations which created Kimi's distinctive look! 
#powerofmakeup #filmmaking #film #makingchange #hairstyle #hairandmakeup #hairdesign #makeupdesign #scifi #sciencefiction #influencer #shortfilm #howtobehuman Taking our seats! #Sitges50 #closingceremony



Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 17.15.29.png

Starring BAFTA winner Sophie Kennedy Clarke (Philomena, Nymphomaniac) and Louise Salter (Butterfly) this quirky SCI-FI-LONDON short aims to inspire a different perspective of the refugee and what it is to be human.

BAFTA winner Sophie Kennedy Clarke (Philomena, Nymphomaniac), Tony Award winner Frances Ruffelle (Les Misérables) and newcomer Louise Salter drive us though this empowering female-led futuristic short film.


Set in the near future of a dystopian London, with a scarily relevant and frighteningly foreboding reality, the film explores the dire consequences of a world without humanity, as the sisters try to escape their war-torn country.


HOW TO BE HUMAN is an intimate, poetic and life affirming, this isn’t just an incredible story of determination against all odds; we are exploring the precious and delicate nature of human existence and the values that make us who we are.


Bruno Centofanti, the director of HOW TO BE HUMAN, describes the film as, “a vivid and relevant story for our times… in a world where the migration of displaced people is so present, this story reminds us of how being born in the right place and the right time can so often lead us to take our freedom and basic rights for granted.”


Over a thousand people helping to spread the word of HOW TO BE HUMAN, with clips and exclusive videos engaging fans online, with some videos reaching over 22,000 views. This support is a result of a successful Phundee crowdfunding campaign which raised the film’s profile along with £12,080 that enabled the completion of this high-concept film and its visual effects.


The team are also currently exploring other ways of reaching its audience through transmedia storytelling with the use of Virtual Reality and a short documentary created by the filmmakers about the unsung work of the volunteers that helped at the Calais Jungle, filmed just a few weeks before the demolition of the refugee camp.


With its growing audience, HOW TO BE HUMAN has been attracting the support and attention of the industry, leading to the team featuring on a number of Q&A panels at the BFI (British Film Institute) as part of the BFI Future Film Festival, SAE Institute and at Roundhouse Camden. It has recently been announced that HOW TO BE HUMAN has been selected for BAFTA-qualifying Raindance Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, Sci-Fi-London Film Festival and most recently won an Award of Excellence at One Reeler Short Film Festival.


If you’d like to review the film or for press enquires please contact





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